Students Success Systems

Welcome Investors and Donors ...

"Educating a member of our community is a one-time undertaking with lifelong benefits to our American communities and country."




Genuine Needs ...

Our drive and ambition is to educate children.
But, because we do not own the assets within which we operate nor are we able to procure the free services of qualified teachers to work in our organization, we do carry overhead costs. As a result, we rely solely on the tuition that parents pay, in order for us to function as an organization and carryout the kind of work that we perform for our students. But not every student is able to benefit from our services. Some parents, though their intentions are noble and their vision for their children, genuine, are still unable to achieve their vision. First and foremost for these parents (and, in many cases, single parents and grandparents), is putting food on the table and keeping a roof over these children's heads. (We are referencing those with genuine needs and a strong desire for their children--if but one--to have a solid, well-rounded education.)

Contributing to Communities ...


When you contribute on behalf of a child, you contribute to a community--in some cases, to your own community or a community that you once lived or one in which you grew up. Nothing tears at our hearts more than when we return to communities where we, at time or another, resided and hold in nostalgia, to see how little progress has been made. Well, it is a fact, if we desire for these communities to sustain, we must be willing to invest in them--in particular, the new members or those left behind in these communities. Indeed, the changing demographics is startling. But do not despair. Focus should be on maintaining the fabric our American communities. Investment in education on every level is one of the keys. Studies support the fact that the more we invest in those who are in genuine need, the more we do for the America we so love, overall.

Not to be misconstrued as "hand me downs", we are highlighting investment in a child's education, so that one day, that child (now an adult) will possess the potential to make positive contributions to the community from which he/she emanated.


Target-Specific Contributions ...

Your contributions are target-specific. When you make your contribution to support a child's education, that is where your contribution goes! To that child's After School, Summer Camp or other program offering. As a contributor, you are free to request, at least, an accounting of funds contributed and a progress report for the supported child (subject to parent's approval.)

We will accept other contributions directed at improving our infrastructure, enhancing our abilities to impart knowledge, specialized training programs. expansion into more disadvantage communities, property acquisition, new equipment, etc. Regardless of the nature, all contributions accepted will be target-specific. We will not use contributions to fund our daily operations.