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Fall 2019 Academic Year

Est. 1994

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"The decisions parents make can determine if a child succeeds or fails ..."

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Homework Assistance Program ...

Our Homework Assistance Program (HAP) provides the ideal setting for students to accomplish two essential tasks (1) Ensure their homework is complete and prepared for submission, and (2) Receive coaching on areas of their homework where they are be experiencing difficulties in order to accomplish Task #1. WE DO NOT COMPLETE STUDENTS ASSIGNMENTS FOR THEM.  We offer guidance, monitor and ensure the completion of all assignments.

Homework Assistance Protocol ..Simple, But Effective

  • Students present their assignments.
  • Assignments are reviewed and interpreted.
  • We simplify and provide clarity through examples.
  • We take questions and offer guidance.
  • We monitor student's progress as they work towards completion of their assignments.
  • We check home assignments for completeness.
  • Post the completion of all assignments, we offer coaching and reinforcement on topics specific to assignment completed, once time allows.

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