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DRIDON Summer Day Camps ...

WE'VE DONE THE MATH!! Most camps end at 3 p.m or before. Yet, these camps are advertised as day camps. WHEN WE SAY "DAY CAMP", we mean day camp!! Our Day Camp starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m., affording parents/ guardians/ and nannies ample time to pick their children.

But, that is not all. We go the extra miles: We have Early Drop Off and Late Pickup. When we say early, we mean early! Children may be dropped off as early as 7:15 a.m. That's right! We understand parents have to be at work on time and risks that may ensure, if they are not. Likewise, when we say late, we also mean it. Children may be picked up as late as 6:45 p.m. Rush-hour traffic, unforeseen contingencies, all of these can stymie a parent's ability to pickup his/her child at 5:30 p.m. Many of us are parents also; We understand!!

During the early drop-off and late pickup periods, children may opt for i) a quiet moment of rest ii) an early breakfast/ late brunch iii) completing any outstanding assignments he/she may have iv) read and/or engage in a number of light activities. Please ask for additional details regarding Early Pickup and Drop Off.Therefore, it is not too late. You can still withdraw your child if you have already signed up for a "day" camp, and join us for a real day camp, if you are not to get what you will be paying--a full day camp. Please ask for additional details regarding Early Pickup and Drop Off when you call or email to register your child. (Call us at 973 370 5522 or send us an email: office@dridon.com.)


Academic Day Camps

Our Academic Day Camp is knowledge-based. This means qualified teachers, classroom instruction and that, for most of the day, students will be engaged academically. Our primary goal is to prepare each child for the grade-level he/she will be entering in the ensuing school year. For example, if your child is in presently in/ recently graduated from Grade 3, our goal is to prepare your child for Grade 4 work.

Here are our goals for Weeks I & II:

1. Administer a predictor test
2. Analyze and use the results from the predictor test to charter the course forward for your child.
3. Fill (through focused engagement) any apparent academic gaps specific to Grade 3.
4. Initiate Grade 4 work.

Click here for a list of classes held on a daily basis. 


Enhancement Programs Day Camp

Alongside our Academic Day Camp, we will also be offering enhancement skilled-based learning opportunities for students. This is also day program, but is aside from the Academic Day Camp and carries separate costs. Click here for a list of our enhancement programs. These programs included the following:

 Arts and Craft
 Computer Coding
 Garageband Music
Making Pastries Gardening

For a complete list of our Enhancement Programs, click here.