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Fall 2019 Academic Year

Est. 1994

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"The decisions parents make can determine if a child succeeds or fails ..."

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We Teach. We Motivate Students to Learn. We Make Learning Practical. We Create Thinkers, Leaders, Not Followers. We're DRIDON. We're Driven.

DRIDON was established on the principles of traditional learning: self-discovery, reinforcement and application. Through self-discovery, we motivate our students to THINK; through reinforcement, we encourage MASTERY; and, through application, we promote INNOVATIVENESS. We do not believe in social promotion; instead, we embrace perseverance, academic giftedness and competitiveness.

Nevertheless, we believe that virtually every child is capable of learning despite her/his socio-economic background. We view early intervention as critical in preparing children to compete and succeed in high school, college and in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven environment. We also believe in diversified learning. We believe that a child’s learning experiences and all-round development are balanced upon three key pillars: her/ his academic involvements, social skills, and artistic experiences. We also understand the role discipline plays in education. The Arts (music, dance, etc) and learning through application help to instill the type of discipline academia warrants. We also acknowledge and promote the important roles that parents can play in their children’s academic lives; we advocate for this involvement. Finally, DRIDON provides a clean, safe and healthy physical environment for your child to acquire knowledge and excel beyond the status quo.

Dridon Comes to the Tri-State

Our goal is to exist in every Tri-State community where students can benefit from our services. "Expect a significant proliferation of our centers in the coming year, our first stop being New York, City, Westchester County and Western Connecticut." This is according DRIDON management. The goal of the company is to provide high quality ancillary educational services wherever it is needed in the Tri-State. This expansion is to compliment the company's long-term goals to create the largest network of tutorial centers (or “student success centers”, to use the company's words) in the Tri-State region. We are now serving Manhattan, White Plains, Harrison, Rye, New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Stamford, New Canaan and Greenwich.

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